If you run a hotel, a restaurant or a café, or if you are planning to launch or expand a chain of fashionable modern Tea Bars, we can help you.  If you are a tea buyer for a cruise line, a cash and carry, or for a distributor needing new, exciting tea products, we can help you.  If you are an independent retailer, we can help you.

Consumers today are demanding.  They require an excellent choice and quality.  They expect staff to be able to tell them something about the tea.  This means that wholesale tea buying has tended to mean either getting the very finest, most expensive speciality teas, or buying the cheapest, poorest teas.  In general, neither approach is usually advisable.  It is necessary instead to try to understand the demands of your particular market, and to attempt to predict the range and quality of teas that will best meet the expressed and unexpressed needs of that market.  To achieve that takes experience, training, and knowledge.  We will assist with this  question's.


 Discount Pricing 
Because we are a direct importer and wholesaler of tea we pass the savings right on to you. Please contact us for a wholesale price-list using the form below.