May 05, 2014

Solving the Christmas Mystery...

Traditional Christmas tea, Greenfield Christmas Mystery is prepared on the basis of the classical Ceylon tea. Cloves and cinnamon give a spicy note to the bouquet while the refreshing citrus tones emphasize its piquant flavor and festive character. This tea will refresh and warm you up.


                                                                                                 What is so mysterious...

                                                     ...about Greenfield Christmas Mystery?
          The mystery begins with the perfect marriage of warm holiday spices with bright, stimulating citrus, all balanced by the bold flavor of traditional Ceylon tea. The festive outcome leaves one to wonder who could have crafted such a perfect holiday tea. Well, just as Santa keeps the inner workings of his special workshop under wraps, so must we keep the secret of our seasonal delicacy, but we can tell you this - our Christmas Mystery tea is prepared, as with all of our fine teas, with the highest quality procedures. 

          This tea, actually, flows in the same line of history as the traditional holiday beverage called "wassail", which literally means "be you healthy." Wassail is a hot, mulled cider beverage originally made using sugar, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg and topped with slices of toast. In modern times, orange and other fruit slices are used in place of toast, which we at Greenfield Tea think is quite an improvement on the original recipe.

           We also like to think our addition of tea as a base instead of sugar or wine is quite a clever (and delicious) innovation, while still retaining the elements of that ye olde beverage shared for centuries between family and friends during the holidays, toasting to one another's good health and good cheer.


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